How to Choose a Custom Home Builder

When you are choosing a custom home builder, you want to make the absolute right choice. With an investment such as this, the dwelling you get in the end should be no less than perfect for the budget you are working with.

Before you start searching for a custom home builder in Toronto and the GTA, you should first identify your goals. The possibilities are vast and the prices range from the modest but classical Canadian family house to luxury villa scale, and the way you approach the search and choosing of a custom home builder should largely depend on what you want see as your end result.

Most custom home builders in Canada will be more than capable of producing any size, scale and level of luxury for your home that you desire. Many will tell you that once you had built one, you’d be capable to build them all, and there is a truth to it. But still there are differences in the builder’s portfolios and their material suppliers that may affect the end result in minor but undesirable ways.

Familiarize yourself with the custom home builder’s portfolio and see what type of work it has in it. Look beyond the pictures on the company website - go for a meeting and ask for more examples of actual projects, costs and problems that the builder may have encountered and solved.

Ask previous clients, make sure they are satisfied and take the time to tour model homes. A picture is worth a thousand words and seeing the workmanship with your own eyes is a hundred times more valuable and accurate. Make sure the builder has experience successfully working on projects of the same scale and type, and within the same budget. A builder that focuses on contemporary dwellings can hardly be expected to design something of a classical traditional style, and vice versa. Look for experience, you will have more chance of getting what you want with a custom home builder that has done this before.

Next, if their work and portfolio is satisfactory and you are happy with what you see, you can proceed to the next point.

Make sure the custom home builder company does everything themselves. They should be able to design and build a home from the first step of a project to the very last when a happy buyer gets the house keys and steps through the front door. A custom home builder has to have his own legal team, architects and crews at hand.

Next, verify the builder is fully licensed and insured. Not everywhere requires a builder to have a license, but you want to work with one that does. Inquire about insurance and verify that all aspects of the project have full coverage. The same goes for warranty - it’s simply a must have. The home is new, yes, but nobody is a 100% safe from design flaws and other mistakes that will have parts of a home break or deteriorate sooner than expected. A poorly sealed floor that swells in normal humidity should never be your problem. Only an extensive warranty should be accepted when hiring a custom home builder for a project of any scale.

Good luck with choosing a custom home builder, we hope it works perfectly for you and you get your dream home soon. Browse our site for more ideas and a full list of our services or call us for more information.

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